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 Focusing on Plastics, it is all we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

Society of Plastic Engineers

Established in 1998 by Clinton P. Cowen, CPC Plastics, Inc. and Mr. Cowen has worked over a decade now and is globally recognized as being a leading authority in plastics engineering. Mr. Cowen has decades of hands-on plastic materials, design, manufacturing, and plastic failure analysis expertise, he has testified in more than +100 cases involving plastics litigation. In 2003, Mr. Cowen achieved  status as a Senior Member of the Society of Plastic Engineers in recognition for his years of dedication and work within the plastic industry.

Having personally visited and worked onsite at more than +1000 plastic manufacturing facilities throughout the world, he's credited with the installation and start-up of both the world's smallest and largest plastics manufacturing machinery. From plastic parts smaller than the eye can see to parts so large, no human can possibly maneuver, Cowen is  noted for both his general plastic knowledge and expertise, and widely held as the global leading authority with regards to his plastic manufacturing expertise, including micro-molding, gas assist, thermoset, extrusion, film,  to name a few.

Furthermore, Mr. Cowen plastics expertise is often sought by national news outlets including televised and printed media, a result of his broad based plastics knowledge and experience, professionalism, coupled with his ability to convey highly technical data in a manner both the layman and professional can appreciate.

Our Mission. Total Plastics Solutions - Anywhere in the World, 24/7/365.

CPC Plastics' Mission is to "advance the Science of Plastics Engineering, Plastic Forensics Sciences, and Plastic Failure Analysis through our hands-on work with Plastic Product Research and Development, Plastics Manufacturing, and Plastic Testing and Analysis"

Today, CPC Plastics continues to work tirelessly at maintaining the superior level of plastics knowledge and unparalleled service that has become synonymous with our name. We continue to invest in the most advanced plastic technology available, bringing and value added services in-house.

A few of these investments include CPC Plastics' recent 2010 addition of a full service mold and die facility, which allows us streamline the product design, development, and research process, saving our clients valuable time and money. Additionally, in 2011 CPC Plastics added FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) capabilities to our plastic testing and analysis laboratory, permitting us to analyze tens of thousands of plastic resins and additives for composition, contamination, etc.




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