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CPC Plastics team of plastic experts have a unique advantage. We bring decades of plastic litigation experience, including hundreds of depositions, mediation and courtroom experience, state and federal, and criminal and civil legal experience.

From in-house testing and analysis to tooling and plastic manufacturing services coupled with our state of the art plastic 3D CAD, Simulation, and Finite Element Analysis services, CPC Plastics has the capacity and capabilities to handle your case regardless of its size and scope.

How can our Plastic Experts help you?

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Plastic Product Failure and Analysis

Plastic Manufacturing Machinery and Process

Plastic Industry Standards and Practices

Plastic Design Standards and Practices

Plastic Materials ASTM Testing and Analysis

Plastic Manufacturing Safety and Injury

Truth based on Plastic Science, Knowledge, and Experience. Toll Free: 866.828.0820

Why should your firm consider CPC Plastics? First and foremost, our experience is unparalleled, we don't just talk about plastics, we work hands-on everyday solving and correcting real-world plastic problems. In fact, those within the plastic industry turn to CPC Plastics for help in investigating their own plastic failures, material recommendations, plastic design analysis, and even mold qualification and prototyping in our state of the art plastic manufacturing facility.

Our President and lead expert, Mr. Clinton P. Cowen, has worked on the smallest and largest plastics machines ever made, has worked onsite at over 1000 plastic manufacturing plants across the globe and commissioned hundreds of plastic manufacturing processes, some groundbreaking and highly exclusive, from plastic components smaller than the eye can see to larger than an automobile, very few posses this scope of hands-on experience and knowledge. Read Mr. Cowen's CV.

Today, CPC Plastics' experts continue to learn through our consulting,  research, and testing on a wide array of simple and complex plastic components and assemblies for both legal and private clientele. Since 1998, CPC Plastics' experts have provided answers to some of the most difficult plastic questions, we offer truth thru research, testing, and plastics expertise.

If you would like to speak with in confidence, contact a plastic expert today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call Us, Toll Free: 866.828.0820

Hands-On Plastic Expert Testimony Knowledge and Experience:

Plastic Materials

Plastics Manufacturing Processes

Plastic Expert Industry Experience

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If you would like to speak with in confidence with a plastic expert today, contact  CPC Plastics, Inc. Toll Free: 866.828.0820.




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