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Give Us Your Most Difficult Plastics Process. We are Plastic Troubleshooting Experts.

CPC Plastics, Inc. operates a full service injection molding facility, equipped with five (5) fully closed loop Netstal« injection molding machines (IMM), ranging from 60 to 180 Tons. By having CPC pre-qualify your tooling, plastic products, and establish known good processing parameters, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

CPC Team of plastic experts have experience processing virtually every type of plastic materials, including elastomers, Phenolics, thermoplastics, liquid, and metal (Powders). From mold qualification to rapid prototyping and pre-production parts, it's all here for you and it's "under one roof".

Speak with a plastic expert today, Toll Free: 866.828.0820 (+011.401.828.0820).

Plastic Manufacturing and Plastic Injection Molding Services and Expertise:

  • Plastic Injection Molding Training

  • Mold Qualification, Process Validation, and Quality Control

  • Prototypes and Pre-Production

  • Onsite Mold Maintenance and Repair

  • Plastic Manufacturing Experts

  • Plastic Manufacturing Safety and Injury

  • Printing and Decoration

  • Hot Stamping, Painting, and Printing

  • Insert and Over-Molding

  • Plastic Injection Molding Standards and Practices

  • Plastic Manufacturing Process Expert

  • Plastic Machinery Troubleshooting and Repair




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