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Today, plastic design engineers have a wealth of tools available to them, including plastic 3D CAD modeling, simulation, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, which can decrease the cost and lead-time in some cases by half. CPC Plastic has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars so that our plastic design experts have the most advanced technology at their disposal.

From highly sophisticated CAD software, testing and analysis, and in-house tooling and manufacturing services, CPC Plastics can truly take you from concept to completion.

Saving You Time and Money from Concept to Completion.

CPC Plastics experts have decades of plastic design expertise and hands-on application experience coupled with the infrastructure and technology that are required to manufacture today's complex and straightforward plastic products and assemblies. Often times, companies spend thousands of dollars, loose precious time, and require excessive design revisions because of the designer's learning curve or their  lack of plastics technology and knowledge.

Plastic Product Design Services and Expertise:

We employ the most advanced state of the art plastics 3D CAD modeling and FEA Software available in today's marketplace, including validation and physical simulation technology, allowing CPC Plastics to significantly decreases product design lead time and costs, and of course  brings a value added service to our clients.

What does all this mean for you? CPC Plastics can typically cut the design and plastic testing time by one half, and save you time and money in design, testing, prototyping, and manufacturing costs. From conception to completion, CPC's plastic experts can work with your engineers, step by step, and deliver total plastic product solutions.

Speak with a plastic design expert in confidence, contact us at Toll Free: 866.828.0820 (+011.401.828.0820).

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